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& Homeowners since 2001

Our mission is to create great travel experiences. We host over 100,000 unique holiday accommodations and generate more than 240,000 monthly booking requests for our partners. Gain access to our fast-growing guest community, list properties at scale, and use our tools to promote your listings to guests. 

booking requests

Our website attracts millions of visitors that request over 240,000 bookings each month – with our top-ranking position on Google.


Over 30,000 happy Homeowners put their trust in, many already us for decades.

properties lists more than 100,000 properties in over 70 countries

years of experience

With over 20 years in the market, we understand the needs and challenges of both Guests and Homeowners.

What we offer

Keep 100% of your rental income

We only charge a yearly fee and take no commissions whatsoever. All the booking revenue belongs to you. 

International Guests

Benefit from our leading position in the German market by tapping into the potential of international customers.

Tools built for you

From occupancy planning and property analytics to instant messaging and anything else to manage your property – our tools have you covered.

Connecting via CMS / API

Expanding into new markets can be a labor intensive venture. Connectivity partners automate this process and make platform integration easy.

Instead of working tasks individually you save valuable time by using rule-based scenarios. Update, change and administer all your channels from one place. Profit from our connectivity partnerships to easily integrate all your listings onto our platform.

We are here to answer

Are you wondering how to integrate your channel manager? Are you curious about the types of guests you will receive? What else would you like to know?

Ask us anything – we are happy to help!